Friday, July 8, 2011

Looks like Bank of america BOA is selling/ transfering my loan to Bank of America WTF?

I dont have the letter in front of me but it pretty much says that my mortgage is being transferred or sold from bank of america (initials i cant remember) to another banks of america ( another initials i cant remember)... the think i see happening is that i got a letter saying that i have 30 days to dispute this debt.. and for what i have been able to gather with all these forums.. Bank of america Cant prove they own my mortgage.. so i was thinking on disputing the debt... It might not work but it might get these Aholes in bank of america to freaking call me back!!!.. i was talking to the office of the president and they haven't called me back in 7 months.. they totally ignore my calls and messages.. and everyone below them say they cant talk to me about my loan and transfer me to the Office of the President.. ARGG

let me know what you guys think